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Would You Wear It Volume 2: Rompers

Would You Wear It Volume 2: Rompers

On this version of Would You Wear This I’m talking rompers. Rompers for men started becoming popular (at least in my eyes) in 2018. I really started following this trend after seeing posts from a company called Romper Jack. They have a lot of amazing rompers for men at pretty reasonable prices, but this still poses the question, would you wear it? I never thought I’d be comfortable enough to wear something like this. Actually, if I was still at my heaviest I’d probably never be caught dead in this. Like all things fashion, it’s not what you wear it’s how you wear it. The reasons I feel I can pull this off is because of how thin I’ve managed to get and my confidence levels increasing due to the hard work I’ve put into getting in shape. These rompers are all inclusive however, with sizes ranging from small to XXL. With the amount of popularity surrounding the look (since Romper Jack has many competing companies making rompers) this trend is definitely here to stay. You can find the above styles plus many more on Romper Jack’s official website for $54 and up. Romper Jack also has several discount codes which helps bring the price down even further. If you’re looking for a cool summer outfit that will get the people talking check them out.

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