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Peep My Shoe Game

Peep My Shoe Game

In the world of fashion, shoes make the outfit point, blank, period. I think this is the one area of fashion where male and female fashion is exactly identical. Men can have just as many pairs of shoes as women and it wouldn’t be looked at as crazy. I proudly admit that I own almost 40 pairs of shoes. I can match any outfit with a pair of shoes I already own, however, I feel what I have is never enough. My absolutely three favorite shoe companies (and it was extremely hard to even narrow it down) are Timberland, Vlado, and J75. Now I could be a little biased because I’ve been featured on their pages for wearing their products but for good reason. J75 constantly runs sales on their products. Even now they have shoes for up to 70% off. Vlado shes have given me the two pairs of shoes that I get the most attention for, probably because they light up. Now for me, I wanted a pair of light up shoes that didn’t look like something a high school kid would wear and the Vlado shoes did not disappoint. Most of my dress shoes are J75’s. I get stopped everywhere, including the airport, when I wear their dress shoe. Timberland’s, the name speaks for itself honestly. I think every male should have a pair of Timberlands in their closet, however, definitely not that plain tan color. Timberland has gotten so creative with their boots lately. Even now, they have timbs inspired by NBA teams. Not really my cup of tea but I’d match the color schemes with many of my outfits. No matter the style you’re going for, each company has a shoe at an affordable price to match it.

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