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Lapel Pins, A Gentlemen’s Best Friend

Lapel Pins, A Gentlemen’s Best Friend

My favorite accessory to add to my blazers when I need that extra little splash of style, a lapel pin. Now I’m so extra with my outfits that I couldn’t get just any old boring pin and attach it to anything I wear. I have to get them custom made to match whatever bow tie I’m wearing at the time. For every bow tie I have, you better believe I have a matching lapel pin to go with it. Before I lucked up on what I have now deemed as the queen of lapel pins, I was getting cheap ones from eBay. I think the most expensive lapel pin I bought came from J.C. Penney. I paid over $20 for something that looked like it could’ve came from eBay or Wish. The only reason I purchased it was because I needed something right away but didn’t have time to wait for it to arrive in the mail. It was after that decision that I started looking for custom pins to match my bow ties. You would think that something custom made would be super expensive but me being the bargain shopper I am came across my absolute favorite website to get custom items, Etsy. I found a shop called JuLVa that made men’s lapel pins and even did custom made orders. The best thing about this is for the amount of creativity that goes into making them they were only $8. That’s right, rip the needle off the record, $8. I don’t think I’ve ever paid that little for something that looks like it came from a major company before. JuLVa has always been a pleasure to work with and every time I get a new bow tie I reach out to get me a matching pin (as photographed above). For $30 you can have 4 amazing pieces for less then the price of one that comes from retail store with, in my opinion, much better quality. If you are interested in a custom made lapel pins to match any outfit or if you’re just wanting something flashy definitely visit JuLVa at her Etsy shop JuLVa.

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