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Would You Wear It Volume 4: Heels

Would You Wear It Volume 4: Heels

On this would you war it post, I’m discussing heels. Now I’m sure you are saying to yourself, this is a men’s fashion blog so why are we talking about heels? Most people think heels was always an amazing fashion statement that kept many of women looking stunning and keeps YouTube full of walking fail videos. However, heels were initially created and worn by men. History says, the first occasion of a female wearing a high heel was Catherine De Medici in the 16th century. Like most women, Catherine wanted the illusion of being taller then she actually was. Heels in history were generally worn by Kings, men wanted to stand taller then everyone else. Louis XIV was well known for wearing a tight fitting red heel that nobody else was allowed to wear. Fast forward to today. Heels are primarily seen on women, and if you see a man wearing heels well you can pretty much guess the names he gets called. However, would that happen if people actually knew that heels were originally designed for men? Probably the most well known famous man to wear a heel was the late singer Prince. Always known for his fashion, he was seen performing or even just walking about in some form of heel. Prince could have any woman he wanted, and I don’t think anyone questioned his fashion because lets face it, he’s Prince. I’ve seen and been friends with many of guys who wear heels and they pull it off better then some females can. I’ve seen plenty of heels I would wear, but ultimately I don’t think I’d be bold enough to wear one. I think with companies going more towards gender fluid clothing attire it wont be long before you see more men wearing heels. However, the perception needs to shift before this becomes a major fashion trend for men. Sidebar, there is a super famous group Kazaky who is all male men who perform amazing dance moves in heels. Most parts of the world are more relaxed when it comes to fashion choices so maybe one day the United States will catch up. Knowing the history only one question really remains for me, does wearing heels make you any less masculine? I’d say no but many would say yes. As the first photographed person in my gallery he looks plenty masculine and of course Prince again, could have any woman he wanted so perhaps it is what is considered masculine that needs to change.

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