Suit Up With Adrian Suilt

I have never really been a suit person, I don’t think I can pull of a complete suit plus I always tend to rebel against the standard style and do my own thing. However, I have to always appreciate a man that can pull off a suit and not only look good in it, but takes the time to match the suit with amazing accessories. After coming across the profile of Adrian it made me want to step my suit game up. Adrian is a force when it comes to his suit game. What I like most about his style is that nothing about it is conventional or boring, he will wear animal print, floral print, hell even print I didn’t know existed. That’s the type of styling I like, I think with men and especially with suits we are always so limited to our color options. Tan, blue, black. grey and that’s about it God how boring. What he has done with his style is something to share. It isn’t just about the perfect suit and color combination with him though, he also is big into the accessories that completes the outfit. Down to the socks, shoes, watches, pocket squares and his ties. In my opinion Adrian is a walking billboard for GQ Magazine without even trying to be. Adrian is also a men’s stylist, who would be surprised by this though, in Long Island, NY and a content creator. If you are looking for suit inspiration, or just interested in knowing more about this nice guy follow him on his Instagram @suitup.sulit. I had to know what inspired Adrian to be so fashionable so my nosy ass asked the below questions:

Q1: Where do you shop for all your styles?
A1: The bulk of my wardrobe actually comes form Banana Republic, J Crew, and Express. When it comes to accessories though, since I started the page I’ve been blessed to work with so many different brands that have sent over their products to me. Ties, pocket squares, socks, shoes, watches, you name it lol.

Q2: When a client comes to be styled, what would you tell them your mission statement is?
A2: I’d have to say my mission statement would be to always be the best dressed in the room and to never be afraid to wear something you want. Confidence is key and it will always show through in the clothing you wear.

Q3: If you had to summarize your style in one sentence, what would it be?
A3: My Style? Tough one, but I’d have to say that it’s bold with a nice hybrid touch of modern and classic.

A Tale Of The Refined Gentlemen

What defines a refined gentlemen? Is it style, class, sophistication? Why not all three? I met David a few months ago while scrolling through Instagram and when I came across his page I said to myself “damn this guy can dress his ass off” not knowing that he actually lived in Charlotte just like I did. I like to associate myself with like minded individuals and let me tell you David is as like minded as they come. Not only is he into fashion, not only as a styling consultant, but as a fashionmista himself, but he also is a person who does good towards his fellow man in his spare time. David, in his spare time, volunteers at his local men’s shelter helping and inspiring through mentorship, leadership, and through marriage advice. When I scroll through IG or Facebook and I see people that looks like David I instantly expect them to be stuck up, but, he is one of the kindest, supportive, and did I mention most well dressed people I’ve met on Instagram. David has an amazing sense of style not only for himself but also for his clients. If you’d like to opportunity to be styled by David please head over to his website The Refined Gentlemen and check out his Instagram @david_hantz_. I asked David the below questions to get a better idea of the man behind the Gentlemen.

Q1: What is your favorite must have accessory for your outfit and why?
A: My Favorite must have men’s accessories has to be between a lapel pin and a tie clip. I think it’s the small details that make the outfit.

Q2: What message or story do you want your style to tell?
A: Story I want to tell everyone is how to be versatile in your style and be original. I get compliments all the time about mix matching prints and patterns with contrast.

Q3: Describe what fashion means to you.
A: Fashion to me is your statement piece for who you are. We live in a world where people are defined on how they dress and how they carry themselves. When we meet people for the first time we always look at what their wearing because it represents their personality.

Fashionista On The Go Washington, DC

My very first Dope Attire post and I couldn’t have found a better person to kick this off. I was walking to the Microsoft Ignite conference in Washington DC when I ran into this beautiful lady. Now accustomed to seeing fashionable people, but, when I saw her I was mesmerized by her since of style. I talk a lot about certain people can have the confidence to pull of a look and she is prime example of that. Her confidence was shining brighter then the sun and I was so honored that she let me take her photo and post her to my blog. Please follow Milly Mira @its_millym for more amazing styles like the pictured above. I asked the below questions:

1. What inspires your fashion? “My mood determines what I wear but, inspiration comes from everything including other bloggers and magazines.

2. Where are your favorite places to shop? “Zara and ASOS are my go to”.

3. What are your favorite designers, fashion accessory, or favorite fashion quote? “Favorite designer is Oscar De La Renta. Favorite quote: The world is my runway”.