Thompson Tee

I am still slightly ashamed to admit that I suffer from a sweat problem with my arms. Most of my wardrobe growing up and well into my adult years, heck even still, consists of darker clothing. I never use to wear light colors because within 5 minutes of putting on a shirt I instantly start to sweat and you start to see my pit sweats. This was so embarrassing in school especially because kids can be so cruel when it comes to things like this. I use to stuff paper towels under my arms and switch them out whenever they got to crumpled up and the sweat would start showing again. I’ve tried just about every sweat defense deodorant ever made and nothing seemed to help. To me it was the equivalent of wearing nothing at all even though it was suppose to be prescription strength. I even switched to prescription grade deodorant that stopped the sweating for a little longer, but broke me out into painful rashes. I had all but given up on wearing anything lighter then the shade of black until I came across an ad on Facebook for a company called Thompson Tee. The mission of Thompson Tee was to provide a safe, affordable, and convenient solution to excessive underarm sweat and boy did that do just that. As it stands, Thompson Tee are the only patented sweat proof T-shirt that saves clothing and self-confidence. I don’t know all the technical jargon that goes into making the shirt and I don’t need to know. All that I know is when I wear the shirts my sweat doesn’t come through and it allows me to wear the bright and colorful shirts I’ve always wanted to. I have about 5 of these shirts and honestly I plan on buying at least 5 more. They just work, plain and simple. Most important, they are affordable with the most expensive slim fit V neck shirt costing $31.99. To make it even better they usually have a coupon that takes a descent amount off. They have colors from grey, black, white, and nude. Different fits and styles that can work with any fashionista or fashionmista’s wardrobe. Oh did I forget to mention they have shirts for men and females? Another reason that this company is innovative and will be around for years to come.

MHL Mental Health League Attire

The Mental Health League, is an amazing organization that creates hats that represent different mental health issues that affect millions of people in the world. Not only does this company raise awareness for a subject that is taboo and often not talked about, but it is another way to add to your already amazing closet.

While 20% of US adults deal with mental health issues every year, no one really talks about it. We’re afraid of what people will think, that no one will hire us, or that they’ll just tell us to suck it up and that it isn’t real. So we keep it to ourselves and deal with it the best we can — which is a HUGE problem. If you were diagnosed with any other disease, what would happen? Loved ones would send you well wishes, take care of you, and show their support by wearing various ribbons and other symbols. Others who have gone through a similar struggle would reach out, share their stories, and give you advice. That support and care makes a huge difference in the recovery process and motivates you to keep fighting.

We think it’s time that we do the same for mental health. That’s why we’re starting the Mental Health League (MHL).

– Mike Vosters & Nicole Cardoza, MHL Co-Founders


BOMBAS is a sock company with the mission to donate socks to our homeless community in the United States. Per BOMBAS socks are the #1 requested clothing item at homeless shelters. For every pair purchased, they donate a pair to someone in need. I think this is amazing, I love getting behind clothing companies that not only make an amazing product, but find a way to give back to those in need. We need more of this when it comes to fashion. The socks are amazing and carefully crafted, some of the best looking socks I’ve seen for an affordable price. Check out socks like the above plus more on BOMBAS official website.