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Pride Attire: Shoes

Pride Attire: Shoes

More pride attire coming at ya, but this time we are talking shoes. Probably my most insane addiction is having a wide variety of shoes and there are no shortage of pride related kicks this year. Seems like more companies have joined the bandwagon when it comes to pride clothing. Under Armour has been making some pride clothing for a while, I actually purchased some amazing shoes from them last year. This year Under Armour released the United We Win line with some amazing tanks and hats but what caught my eye were the shoes. These beauties (photographed on the left) have a rainbow drip type design. Now personally I think these would’ve looked a hell of a lot better if they were black, perhaps because black is one of my favorite colors though. Next up Toms, now I’ve never owned a pair of Toms before but I always said I wanted a pair of them. Glad to say, the first pair of Toms I purchased were some pride ones. They actually have two different types of pride shoes the one photographed in the middle and an all white pair with a rainbow stripe and the writing on the inside instead of the outside. Last but certainly not least, Hunter Rain Boots. Now this one actually shocked me because I was saying to myself how badly I’d love to have some pride rain boots and then BOOM. I think Skynet is a real thing because I suddenly saw an ad from Hunter introducing their rainbow rain boot which I HAD to have. I believe this is the first year that Hunter has released a pride line so hopefully next year we can get a tall boot version of this. No matter what you’re looking for there are plenty of good products to take you through pride and then some.

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