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Queer Up Your Wardrobe For Pride Month!!!!!

Queer Up Your Wardrobe For Pride Month!!!!!

As you pride loving queens know, June is the month that we show pride. Now I don’t know about you, but I show my pride every single day. However, during pride month I take it to the extreme and sneeze rainbow and glitter from every hole of my body. It seems that this year more companies have decided to jump on the bandwagon with the pride clothing. After visiting a museum today where I learned the history of our people it is a BIG DEAL to have clothing made for us with proceeds being donated to charities that fights the good fight for us. Now I have bought more pride clothes this year then a woman from any Love and Hip Hop franchise has wigs. That being said, there are a few things that stick out as my absolute favorite things to wear during this month,. First thing is what gay man doesn’t have a good fan, now I already had some fans from Clack That Fan, but I mean come on can you ever have enough fans? I purchased the fan photographed on the left. Now there is a lot going on in this photo but for the moment focus on the fan. Now also, a queen (or in some cases) King depending on how you feeling today. You need a good crown, what better company to get an amazing crown from the Eyehunee which funny enough doesn’t sound like a company that makes dope ass crowns. I got this rainbow crown photo’d in the middle from this amazing company. Last but definitely not least, I mean I could literally go on and on about my pride gear but my tank top from the amazingly gay cult movie Mean Girls. Who doesn’t love Aaron Samuels and wouldn’t go gay for him. I’d go straight then gay again for that man. Tipsy Elves is a new one for me that actually popped up during an advertisement from Instagram. Don’t you just love how the internet listens to your every word? This tank photographed on the right is probably one of my funnier gay tanks I own but you can never have enough. Links to all of the products are found in the post. If you are looking for some amazing pride gear then look no further. However, like #45’s hairline one minute it is here next thing you know it is gone.

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