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Toxic Masculinity

Toxic Masculinity

This post is something near and dear to me. Toxic masculinity, in this episode of toxic masculinity I’m going to tackle (pun intended) the large amounts of attention football player Cam Newton has been getting lately. I’ve been seeing a lot of post going around poking fun at the way Cam Newton is dressing, me personally, I’ve always liked the way that he dressed. I’m seeing comments going after his masculinity because he decides to dress differently, that is the whole purpose of how my blog got started. Why does it matter to people so much what this man is wearing? Why does it define his masculinity? It poses the question of does the clothes that someone decides to wear define how masculine they are? I would wear, and I actually own, some of the things Cam wears. Sure, I don’t always agree with some of the things he adds to his outfits, but I always love his confidence to wear whatever he wants without care or concern what others think. Looking at the memes going around poking fun of him I hope that he continues to be strong minded because eventually that could take a toll on his emotional state of mind. It is almost like he is being cyber bullied for being different. Regardless on which side you stand on with his fashion choices, it does pose the question of why does his attire determine how masculine he is?

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