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Would You Wear It Volume 8: Crop Tops

Would You Wear It Volume 8: Crop Tops

In this episode of would you wear it, I’m going to discuss a fashion statement that has been around since the 80’s. When some hear the word crop tops, the word fashion statement probably doesn’t come to mind. Also, when you think about crop tops your initial thought may be of a female wearing one. However, like the invention of high heels, the first crop top was worn by a man. Not just any man though, by the legendary Prince. Most weren’t aware, but Prince started wearing crop tops during his tours circa 1980. Of course Prince had the body of a God so he could wear a trash bag and pull it off and make it look good. Since then, crop tops can be seen on my of your childhood and even to this day crushes. Johnny Depp, Will Smith, even some football players like Ezekiel Elliott was seen wearing crop tops. Personally I LOVE to wear it even though my body isn’t made out of marble. I have a few sites that I love to get them from Marek & Richard being one but also J. J. Malibu. Would your male ego allow you to wear something that could mark you as being “gay” even though some of the most macho and female getting men wear them without even a second thought? Personally, I love my crop tops and I will continue to wear them and work on my body so I can look as good as the man who started the trend.

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