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You Got A Square?

You Got A Square?

What the heck is a pocket square, and why should you care right? For most, pocket squares are a much needed necessity to complete an outfit. For the rest, pocket squares are something that they haven’t given much though to tie together their outfit. I think pocket squares are one of the fashion accessories that are almost impossible to master. There are so many different folds that can be done with a pocket square, in fact, there are some articles that show you how to fold one in over 50 different styles. Pocket squares are the sushi of the fashion world if you can understand my lame reference. There are so many different ones to choose from that you can find an amazing style from simple to full on artwork masterpieces (literally). The first company I ran across from someone I actually featured on my blog a few weeks back. He had a dope pocket square he got from this amazing company who turns art into fashion. The company is Finley And Co. Now this isn’t your normal run of the mill squares. These are created mainly based on famous artwork and you know what that equates to $$$$$. You can usually snag one of these amazing squares for about $90 and for some that’s way to expensive but for those who are serious about their fashion and want to add some amazing pieces to it this is pretty standard. There are so many options out there for squares like Amazon, eBay, Etsy that won’t break the bank, but will you look as cool? For These amazing squares and more visit Finley and Co. The photos above are when they are folded and below is the unfolded artwork.

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