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What Defines MASCulinity

What Defines MASCulinity

What defines the masculinity of a man? We here the phrase man up so much that it has become a cliché but does anyone ever ask what determines a man’s masculinity? Is it the outfit that makes the man, perhaps how deep your voice is?  Does having a car, job, money in your pocket, or swag makes you drip with machismo? My masculinity has been called into question many times throughout the year. I dare to be different, but being different sometimes lands you with a target for judgement, stares, and criticisms. I think one of the wonderful things about being gay is that you have more freedom to express yourself through style, we push boundaries and blur lines, but that freedom comes at a price. To often we are stared at because the pants we have on are a little too tight, colors too bright, walk a little too fierce for some. We are mocked and ridiculed because what we wear is not what others would wear or deem masculine.  All to often I hear how my outfit is loved from men but would then state that they would never have the courage to wear it. That then poses the question of, why must you have courage to wear something that you want to wear? So often I tell my husband when picking an outfit, do I really want to wear this I don’t feel like getting stared at today. I think there is a misconception that most of what I wear are female clothing but everything I own is all men clothes. I have to search far and wide for fashionable men clothes that steps out of the boundary of black, blue, and brown. I think confidence is key when it comes to any outfit, my motto is it’s not what you wear but how you wear it. I have found amazing clothes doing online shopping and I have created a blog dedicated around pushing the envelope and showing men that you can wear clothes that are fun, stylish, and that push the envelope on what’s considered masculine.

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