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Fashion From Films: Atomic Blonde

Fashion From Films: Atomic Blonde

Every now and again I watch a movie that not only blows me away from the acting and action, but from the fashion. Atomic Blonde is one of those movies where the fashion is so amazing you can’t help but take notice. Atomic Blonde is a movie where Charlize Theron plays an assassin and super spy. It is action packed and fashion packed. I can explain the plot of the movie, but that would be doing a disservice because you definitely have to watch it. With Fashion from double-breasted cashmere, to Burberry trenches, and Dior. It has been quoted that Charlize’s favorite fashion item from the movie was her red Dior pumps. There was a scene in the movie where she was picked up from the airport and used her pumps to fight off two men in a car. My favorite outfit from the movie was the pinstriped pantsuit she wore when was being picked up from the airport. What set this outfit apart was they took a jacket and flipped it upside down to make her bustier. If you want to see a great action film with amazing fashion definitely check out Atomic Blonde based on the novel “The Coldest City”.

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