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Would You Wear It Volume 1

Would You Wear It Volume 1

Pictured Above Flashman Wade

Recently I did a radio talk show raising awareness about domestic violence and my book . Before my segment I noticed they covered a lot of “gay” topics mostly about fashion. Their was a picture that was presented on the screen and the question was asked “ladies if your man wore this would you think he was gay”? Now the crowd for this particular show was Caribbean but seeing the response from most women stating no, or he’s gay if he wears that came up a lot. I 100% disagree with it, I think a heterosexual man can pull this outfit off with the right amount of confidence and hell with that body any male could pull that off gay or straight. There’s an outfit for specified times and places. One thing I’d like to change is the stereotype that men have to wear certain things or outfits to hold onto their masculinity. The above is Flashman Wade who has carved a name for himself with his fashion, obviously good physique, and cook book. Personally I think if you have the body for it, go for it.

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