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Bow Ties The Perfect Conversation Piece

Bow Ties The Perfect Conversation Piece

Bow ties have been a fashion statement for decades. I have such love for the piece of fashion as I own probably 30 plus bow ties and probably will continue to buy and wear them until the day I die. I will admit however, I do not know how to actually tie a bow tie. All of the ones I purchase are already tie. I like to consider myself a walking billboard for my absolute favorite bow tie designer Darrick Leak. Darrick started Dleak leather bow ties in 2013. The brand is a New York based based and has the mission to afford each client the opportunity to express their own individual style. Darrick can make a bow tie out of anything. python, crocodile, ostrich, lambskin, stingray, paisley, suede, woven leathers to name a few. The best part about his work is, all the ties come pretied. Darrick can create a custom bow tie with any color and material or you can purchase one directly from his website that are already designed. I was introduced to Darrick in 2016, I was getting married that year and needed a bow tie to wear. I sent him a picture of the basket my flower girl was going to carry as at the time that was the only thing I had that had my wedding colors in it. Darrick took that picture and made the most amazing bow tie just from looking at the photo. Ever since then, I’ve always gone to him anytime I’ve needed something. There’s been a lot of something between then and now as I’ve had him make me over 20 bow ties since then. I always prefer to support black owned business and over the years I’ve grown to consider him family even though we’ve never met. If you are looking for a custom bow tie to fit any outfit or just looking to enhance your style I fully recommend reaching out to Darrick. His website is he also has an Instagram @dleakleatherbowties.

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