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Let’s Talk About Socks Baby

Let’s Talk About Socks Baby

Socks are the part of an outfit I feel most don’t put any effort into. I’m guilty of this in my younger less fashionable years. I would have on a pretty nice outfit but then have on some plain white tube socks. Or even worse grey or black socks for every outfit. Gross right, yeah I know. My aunt works at a clothing store and she usually gifts all the men with socks, plain ugly black socks. However, I got a treat one year, she gave me these nice, colorful, youthful socks from a company called Happy Socks. After I started wearing them with my outfits, I started to get a lot more compliments on how my entire outfit pieced together. I wasn’t aware of how much of a statement socks make to people but you can’t have an amazing outfit on and then bland socks. Happy socks are sold in most major retail stores and they aren’t expensive. You can pick up a nice pair on their website for $14.00. Check out the above styles plus many more on their website.

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