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You Better Werqqq: Billy Porter

You Better Werqqq: Billy Porter

First post of you better werqqq and I couldn’t think of anyone better to kick this off with then Billy Porter and his red carpet outfit at the Oscars. Billy showed up to the 2019 Oscars wearing a Christian Siriano tuxedo-ball gown combo. Billy was quoted saying “I got the call to do the red carpet for ABC and I thought, this is the space to create the conversation of what is masculine? What is feminine? What is everything in between?” Porter told EW after the awards at the Governor’s Ball. “Why is it a woman can wear pants and nobody bats an eye and a man wears a dress and people are disgusted? Why is that? What is that saying in our culture? Man is better and female is disgusting? I just wanted to shatter that. Just shatter that. That’s why we did it and Christian was on board.” The inspiration behind Billy’s outfit was Hector Xtravaganza. On Twitter it seems that Billy is getting the usual gay treatment of us forcing our lifestyle on people and that we are being toxic towards masculinity. To me that always begs the question who decided that masculinity was defined by one’s outfit?

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