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Would You Wear It Volume 7: Makeup

Would You Wear It Volume 7: Makeup

On today’s episode of would you wear it, I’m talking about something that I had once said I’ve never wear, makeup. When I use to think about makeup I would think about females who beat their faces within an inch of their life, however, that is no longer true. Lots of men beat their faces as well and although I’d never take it that far, I do see that having a light beat actually helps to enhance my face in the photos I take. I must admit, it is super weird for me to sit there and let anyone put what feels like clay on my face to enhance my look. but I actually love the results. I actually had on makeup in a recent photoshoot and I tried to compare it to some of my photos where I didn’t have makeup on and I could tell that my skin was more polished and smoother in the photos. I didn’t realize that men had their own line of makeup products by some top companies like Tom Ford. In the “industry” I know a lot of male celebrities have their makeup done for movie roles, red carpets, photoshoots, but what I don’t think men do is talk about actually wearing it. Like most things in fashion I think it is deemed as feminine behavior to wear makeup. I’m not saying you half to walk around like you’re auditioning for Rupaul’s drag race, but if you have dark circles under your eyes or blemishes and a big event coming up is it so wrong with applying something that would cover it up and boost your confidence. Think about it this way, it is probably a fact that your favorite male rapper, actor, singer, athlete, has worn makeup at one point when being photographed. We need to break the stigma around what is considered masculine and what is considered feminine. Not saying that I’m going to walk around wearing a pound of makeup daily, but if it helps to bring out the best in my photos why not?

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