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Rocking My Gold Lord Shoes By J75

Rocking My Gold Lord Shoes By J75

I’m not sure what it is about me that every time I get new shoes I want to do a full on photoshoot to showcase them. Whenever I’m in the market for some amazing shoes I know exactly where to turn. Since I was wearing a burgundy suit I needed shoes that would give my outfit that extra umph. Now I’ve never been much of a suit wearer, and I’m trying to change that but all of this dressing up is super new to me. Prior to a few months ago the only dress shoe I had was some boring black ones I got to wear to my wedding. I go back and look at those shoes and I’m like God what the hell was I thinking. They had no style, no flare, no personality. Something that I wouldn’t be caught dead in now. For all of my dress shoe shopping or even just my regular shoe shopping I head over to J75shoes to pickup the freshest shoes out there. These amazing shoes in the photo are the Lord Gold shoe by J75. To purchase these exact shoes click the link HERE. For more amazing shoes in general be sure to check out their website HERE. Also don’t forget to enter DOPEATTIRE2INSPIRE10J for a discount, I mean who doesn’t love to look good and save money right?

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