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Are Your Dress Shoes Boring?

Are Your Dress Shoes Boring?

Nothing drives me crazier then seeing a guy wearing a nice suit, or nice combination of dress clothes wearing busted, boring, and downright ugly shoes. I think as men, we are held to a standard that we have to play it safe, not wear loud colors, keep it classy. That’s the craziest thing ever, bright colors, self expression, and freedom with clothing options aren’t just for females. When I wear my rainbow colored dress shoes to a conference or a modeling event I get remembered. Fashion isn’t something that you should play safely. I will not wear the typical brown, navy, or all black plain shoe. Granted their are exceptions to every rule, I wouldn’t expect to go to a funeral wearing a blinged out shoe, but if you are having a fun night out on the town, going to an interview, or any other kind of event you have to ask yourself a simple question. Do I want to stand out or blend into the crowd? For me, my answer is I always want to stand out. My goal is to have a sparkly shoe in every color, it speaks to who I am as a person. I’m not dull or reserved and neither should my wardrobe be. I’ve said this in other posts and I know I will continue to scream it but one of if not my most favorite shoe company is J75. All of the pictured shoes above comes from J75. If you are looking for a boot, dress shoe, or just some fresh hi tops look no further. Take my word for it, if you wear a shoe like the above, not only will you get noticed, but you’ll be remembered.

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