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Best/Worst Outfits From The 2020 Grammy’s

Best/Worst Outfits From The 2020 Grammy’s

So this years Grammy’s outfits did not disappoint. I believe like all award shows the outfits are the only thing worth watching and the people on the red carpets are more exciting the half of the performances. This year didn’t disappoint as for one all anyone was gagging over was Billy Porter serving 70’s disco lamp shade realness. Steve Lacey, is dazzling in a cross between a tuxedo and a mumu. Lil Nas X settles all stomach pain in his pink country Pepto couture. Diplo and Orville Peck is serving us cowboy bebop realness. Quavo is looking amazing in his red custom Prada suit. Honestly I would probably wear all of this if I was that skinny lol. I would definitely make some changes though but for the men fashion there were a lot of highs and lows but at least the men are taking risks.

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