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Accessories Fit For A King

Accessories Fit For A King

I love accessories that make me stand out from the crowd. What better way to stand out from the crowd then to wear a crown. Not just any crown, but a crown designed by Eye Hunee. I recently did a photoshoot wearing a romper by yet another company I absolutely love Romper Jack. So back to the shoot, I needed a conversation piece to wear that will get people talking about my photo. I have been bombarded lately with ads from IG and one accessory really stood out to me. It was the crown I saw multiple models wearing. I went on the website and was actually shocked at the amount of different choices Eye Hunee offers. For my first shoot I decided to keep it simple with a nice black crown. Standing downtown Durham, NC I was constantly complimented about the crown I had on. Posting the picture on my social media (that is shown above) got me some of the most likes I’ve received from a picture I’ve posted, that and I got several compliments on the crown. For my birthday though, I’m going all over board with the one that looks like a crown made by Louboutin. No matter the occasion Eye Hunee makes a crown for you. Go check them out by clicking the link HERE.

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