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A Hat For One A Hat For All

A Hat For One A Hat For All

Hats for my are the exclamation point to the end of my outfit. I have so many hats that I could open my own store. I think I actually have more hats then I do underwear and that’s saying something. For me, when I want to have a relaxed look, but still have a sense of style I pull out my hats. Lids has always been my go to for hats because of the customization options. You can get a blank hat or even a team hat and put your initials, name, or logo if you’re trying to advertise. I always put G Baby on all my hats and with the customization I can do two colors on my lettering, raised or not raised words, the sky’s the limit to lids customization. My favorite and new guilty pleasure is Keith and James hats. These are the Rolls Royce of hats. Keith and James was founded with the mission to offer the utmost quality hats, standing as symbols of affluence, strength, and unity. Now I must admit I love supporting African American owned businesses. Now if these are the Rolls Royce of hats then that must mean they come with a Rolls Royce price tag. Most of these hats will set you back roughly $500 after taxes and shipping. I’m not ashamed to say that I own two of these hats and plan on buying several more over time. I may have to swing around a few poles to get the money, but hey we have to do what we have to sometimes. No matter what’s your budget however, hats are something everyone can afford. I always will choose the budget friendly lids over any other hat any day. However, when I want to pretend I’m one of the affluent I pull out my Keith and James hat which I always get the most compliments on. Until I tell them the price tag that is.

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