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Would You Wear It Volume 3: Kilts

Would You Wear It Volume 3: Kilts

On this version of would you wear this volume 3, I’m talking kilts. Originated in Scotland, but has made it’s way over to the United States. Mostly worn by football enthusiasts, but has slowly transitioned into a fashion statement for men wanting to make a statement. In order to wear what many men and females have dubbed a skirt you have to exude confidence. These wonderful garments truly make a statement, I for one would definitely wear this, however, these aren’t something you just wear to the grocery store. You have to have the right outfit and the right place to wear these or else you are just asking for a bunch of confused faces. I personally would wear this anywhere because that’s just who I am but I could definitely rock the rainbow kilt on a fun night out to the club. Pride comes to mind also, or a nice fashion event when you want to wear something bold and different and stand out in the crowd. Finding kilts that are fashionable actually wasn’t that difficult. My favorite website that has a bunch of cute kilts is differio. They have over 11 different sizes, variations, and colors that could match if the most pickiest of fashionmistas. Personally, any outfit where I can push the boundary of what’s considered masculine while looking great doing it I’m all for. Once spring comes around don’t be surprised if you see me sashaying around in one.

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