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Bling Out My Arm

Bling Out My Arm

Accessories are almost just as important to an outfit, as the outfit. You don’t want to have the perfect outfit on but look boring without accessories. Most men keep it minimal when it comes to arm bling outside of wearing a watch. Me I will wear an entire arm full of bracelets. I think as far as arm candy bracelets are my favorite thing to wear to stand out. Sometimes, you get more attention from your jewelry then you do your outfit. I think the man culture is less is more and this is with suits, shoes, hairstyles, etc. It’s what we have been taught but today’s culture it is better to stand out in the crowd then to blend in. I have probably more jewelry then most females I know, but I always get compliments on my bracelets. I have a few companies that really stand out to me when it comes to where I buy from. I have fallen madly in love with Alex and Ani. Although they have a very small men’s line, I tend to wear a lot of the female bracelets because unlike most companies, they have bracelets that have very deep meaning to them and they donate a portion of the proceeds to many charities. Probably my most meaningful bracelet from them is the paper crane pictured above. 20% of the purchase price went to the National Network to End Domestic Violence. The next is my Lokai bracelet celebrating my gay pride. $1 from each bracelet is donated to LGBTQ charities. Lastly Aldi, although they do not donate any proceeds they offer men a more toned down but still very stylish array of bracelets. I have gotten probably the majority of my bracelets from them and I keep going back for more. No matter your style or your flare their is a style out there for you.

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