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Would You Wear It Volume 5: Perfume

Would You Wear It Volume 5: Perfume

On this episode of would you wear it, I’m talking perfumes. Now this one is an interesting topic as most don’t think about wearing the opposite sex’s smells. Me personally, I wear more perfume then I do cologne. Largely because cologne, at least to me, is way too strong of a scent. Also, I think that the majority of the men’s scents smell the same. Woodsy, rustic, loud, and boring. There’s nothing worse then walking up to a guy because you like his outfit, go to speak and then realize he smells like 3 day old eggs baking in the sun. I’ve always worn female scents as they tend to be milder, sweeter, and fruity just like me. I don’t think a lot of men however, would wear it even if they liked the smells because society has determined for us how we should dress and how we should smell. In the push towards gender neutrality I think it is becoming more and more socially acceptable for men to wear female anything including scents and vice versa. I know several females that prefer to wear men scents as they can relate to the more masculine smell cologne seems to provide. I don’t think it matters what you wear as long as you are happy and comfortable with it. Honestly, who is going to come up to you and ask are you wearing perfume or cologne. Most would simply state I like what you have on, what are you wearing? It’ll be up to you to disclose it. My favorite perfume line is Christian Audigier also know as Ed Hardy. I have every single scent that has ever been released and they also have a men’s line of smell goods for those that like the name but want to rock the cologne. Next up would be Juicy Couture. Like Ed Hardy, I have every scent released from them. They always seem to better themselves with each release as I’ve never smelled one I didn’t like. Lastly, but not by a long shot, Britney Spears. Hers are a little harder to come by as they do not sell them in a store you can just walk in and get. I normally nab hers from Amazon. She only releases female scents, but I get away with wearing them and get lots of compliments both from men and women. Whatever your preference, however, you cannot put on an amazing outfit or suit looking like a million bucks and walk out the house smelling like no bucks.

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