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Would You Wear It Volume 6: Harnesses

Would You Wear It Volume 6: Harnesses

On this version of would you wear it, I’m talking harnesses. Is this a new trend, or something that a certain community has been utilizing for decades. Fashion trend, sexual desire, BDSM, the skies the limit. Harnesses have been used in the gay community primarily by those in the leather scenes for decades. In my community if a man wears a harness that means he is either wanting to have some serious sex and be dominated, or he is wearing it as a fashion statement to get attention with usually not much other clothes on, or he is showing his masculinity. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen a harness on anyone that wasn’t a part of the life, well that is until now. It seems that harnesses is the new fashion statement for men in 2019. Celebrities Like Michael B Jordan, Adam Rippon, and Timothee Chalamet. Now the photo’d above with the celebrities are all made by well known designers like Louis Vuitton. These would be what I would imagine the straight men would wear to a red carpet event. The ones photo’d below however, are ones you would see me wearing to a club, or pride, hell even to the grocery store. Well maybe not that last place, but you get the point. The way the celebs are wearing them, they are paring them on top of a suit. I’ve never seen a harness warn this way, usually they are on some half nude guy. Personally, I do not like it over a suit and I would never wear it that way. The only way I would wear one is shirtless, the way it was intended. Do yourself a favor and step over to Marek & Richard to get a real harness not the crap that looks like they took leftover fabric and tried, and failed, to make something fashionable.

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