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New Product: Ballsy

New Product: Ballsy

So every now and again I like to try new products that betters me as a person. Like most people on IG I kept getting badgered with ads from different companies, but this one company in particular kept popping up and really stood out to me. Like most men, we workout, we are always on the go, and we sometimes worry if we are maintaining our freshness. So here comes Ballsy smacking me literally in the face with their ball wash. This company specifically makes products for men to not only keep their body smelling good, but also their balls. Now I’ve never heard any complaints about how my fellas smell, but, I’m always self conscious about if I’m still smelling like I did when I step out the shower which is pretty much impossible. I went to Ballsy’s website to see what products they offer, an was actually shocked at not only the products that are offered, but the hilarious names and artwork associated with them. So they offer a ball wash that is stated to be for your nuts, butt, and body. They also offer a sack spray, that moisturizes and neutralizes order. My personal favorite of the line though is the nut rub. The name alone grabs attention (kudos to whoever came up with these names). You can apply the rub anytime throughout the day to maintain freshness. Normally, I wouldn’t believe such a product would work on me, but I’ve been trying it out for a few days and I must say that this is absolutely the only product that works the way it is advertised. So to me, not only does the product makes my peanuts smell amazing all day long, but it also affordable. When looking for products like these it is not only important to work as it states, but be affordable for the market to be able to afford it. Ballsy delivers on both ends of this. I will definitely continue to order from them and if you do a subscription service you save roughly 33% on your orders. Who can ask for more? The best way I can describe it is it’s like Christmas for your balls. Visit Ballsy by clicking the link located HERE.

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