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Pop That Fan Baby!!

Pop That Fan Baby!!

An accessory to end all accessories (at least for the LGBTQ community) are fans. Nothing gets people’s attention more then the sound when you, for lack of a better phrase, clack that fan. Plus with all the gay euphemisms that are so popular like shade, sashay away, pride, egg plant, etc they are a not so new fun way of expressing yourself. I have fans that I take everywhere with me to get noticed and to cool down. I have one for every mood I’m in and if I want to be shady (pun intended) I pull it out and interrupt people when they are saying something I don’t want to hear. Check out Clack That Fan and Swish Embassy for all the coolest selection of fans that will not only keep you cool in the summer, but make you look cool as well. Fans usually start at $20.00 but they are definitely worth the price tag.

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