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Bag Mania!!!!

Bag Mania!!!!

A good bag for men these days are so hard to find, or so I thought. Like purses for females, I think a good book bag or a good duffle bag is essential to completing a man’s outfit. Finding a good bag for men that isn’t the typical boring briefcase look can be hard if you don’t know where to look. One of my absolute favorite clothing companies Reason Clothing has a long list of incredible bags that I’ve used in some of my photoshoots and one of the main compliments I get isn’t on my outfit per say, but on the bag I’m featuring at the time. Like watches, bracelets, shoes, sun glasses, a bag is a must have accessory to complete an outfit. Men if you are looking for a dope bag that doesn’t break the bank check out the bags available on Reason Clothing. All of the above bags were already marked down to $60 or $70, but when you add a 50% off coupon, well you can do the math on those savings.

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